Studio Wallop is a multifaceted creative agency based in Cornwall, UK. Using film, animation, photography, graphic design and illustration we tell compelling stories that help you sell your brand, product or service to the world. With over 25 years of experience in both the UK and international markets and our endless creative passion, we’re ready to bring your story to life.


We are thinkers and creators. Everything starts with a pencil and a blank piece of paper. Once an idea is born we then look at the best way to bring it to life. We handle everything from the initial concept right through to the finished result and our extensive experience means we can take that idea on many different journeys.


We have worked in big agencies in both London and Auckland so we have global experience. Being a small team means your budget gets spent on where it matters, it also goes a lot further without compromising the end result. Plus you get to deal with the very people who craft the ideas and make things happen.

Here a little movie to explain what we do: