CLIENT: Geoscience, Cornwall, UK.

WHAT WE DID: Storyboards, illustration, character design, 2d & 3d animation.

Geothermal Engineering Limited has secured funding of £10.6 million from the European Regional Development Fund to explore the geothermal resources deep beneath Cornwall. We were asked to make 2 films to explain what geothermal is, why Cornwall is a perfect location and the benefits of this renewable energy source. We worked closely with the scientists at Geoscience to visually explain some complex information to two different age groups, key stage 2 (7 to 11), and secondary school (13+). We also worked with Professor Iain Stewart from Plymouth University who narrated both films.

Film 1 - aimed at secondary school ages and up.

Some concept and development frames.

Film 2 - aimed at key stage 2 age group. For this film we designed a character to help explain the concept - Miss Molecule.

Some concept and development frames.